Supporting Seniors' Well-Being

Supporting Seniors' Well-Being

At our center, we prioritize the well-being and dignity of senior community members. We provide essential support tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens. Keep reading World Harvest Charities and Family Services for seniors’ wellness.

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Addiction and Substance Use Disorders

Our specialized programs offer personalized care, resources, and community assistance to help seniors overcome addiction and substance use disorders. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens.

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Behavioral and Mental Health Services

We address various mental health issues in older adults through therapy, counseling, and evidence-based interventions, promoting mental well-being and resilience.

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Mental Health Crisis Counseling

We offer confidential and responsive crisis counseling to assist seniors in navigating challenging situations and provide timely support.

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Homelessness Support

For seniors facing housing instability, our dedicated team offers comprehensive assistance, including shelter access, housing support, and essential resources to regain stability.

We are committed to supporting seniors’ journeys to improved mental health and overall stability, providing guidance every step of the way.

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